1. Recruitment Positions

The recruitment is open for national and international high-level talent at the positions of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor in the fields of pedagogy, educational economy and management, education history, education sociology, curriculum and instruction theory, education psychology, and education quality and evaluation.

2. Recruitment Time

The Institute accepts job applications throughout the year, and starts the recruitment procedure at different times in batches according to specific situations.

3. Application Conditions

1. Candidates shall be loyal to the educational cause, strictly abide by academic norms, stay dedicated to teaching, maintain the exemplary presence of a teacher, adhere to rigorous scholarship, be able to work in cooperation and follow relevant rules and regulations.  

2. Basic Requirements for Teaching and Scientific Research:

(1) Teaching Ability: Candidates should have the ability to engage in the training of professional talents in the intended disciplines and be competent to teach both basic and professional courses as well as provide supervision to the postgraduate students.

      (2) Scientific Research Ability: Candidates must have active academic thought and profound academic potential. Candidates for senior positions should have stable and cutting-edge research expertise, have obtained research results with great academic influence, have broad vision and forward-looking ability, be able to grasp the national strategic needs of the discipline and the development trends of the world's leading scientific cutting-edge, and have the potential to become academic leaders their certain research fields.

Candidates for junior positions should have a relatively stable research direction, expertise in relevant fields, and have certain levels of academic achievements.

3.Other Requirements:

   (1) Education background: candidates must have obtained doctoral degree from well-known domestic or overseas universities or research institutions.

(2) Age: Candidates should be below 45 years of age for senior level positions (professor), and below 35 for the junior positions (associate and assistant professor). The age limit can be relaxed for excellent and high-level talents.

      (3) Foreign Language: Candidates should be proficient in foreign language for international academic exchanges.

4. Salary and Benefits

1. Basic salary according to title and rank.

2.Other treatment:

     (1) Research startup fund: 150,000 Yuan / person for assistant professor, 300,000 Yuan / person for associate professor, and 500,000 Yuan / person for professor. The research startup fund will be managed according to government-sponsored project and paid annually according to candidatesresearch plan.

(2) Settlement Allowance (before tax): 150,000 Yuan for assistant professor, 200,000 Yuan for associate professor and 300,000 Yuan for professor.

(3) "Yuelu Scholars Program": This program has three types of job titles; leading post, special post and rising star post. These ranks are open to selection from inside and outside the university. Yuelu Scholars enjoy Yuelu scholar's allowance while carrying out various salary programs for corresponding positions of candidates. The post allowance standard of Yuelu scholar is: 300,000 Yuan per year for leading post; 200,000 Yuan per year for special post category A, and 150,000 Yuan per year for special post category B; 120,000 Yuan per year for rising star category A, and 60,000 Yuan / year for rising star category B.

3.Salary and benefits for high-level talents shall be discussed in person

5. Application Procedure

1. Recruitment is open for excellent candidates from all around the world. This information is valid for the current year, and candidates can submit application at any time during the year.

2. The Institute will follow relevant procedures and regulation to attract excellent candidates, and starts the recruitment and screening procedure at different times in batches.

3. Candidates should fill in the Application Form of Teaching Posts for off-campus personnel and submit it to the contact email as attachments, together with relevant documents in PDF format to prove his or her qualifications, such as the diploma and degree certificates, published books, scientific research projects, patents and awards, and other supporting documents.  

6. Contact information

Research Institute of Education Science, Hunan University

Tel: 0731-88822454

Contact: Mr. Tan Jing-xiong

Email: jkjob@hnu.edu.cn

Post code: 410082

Human Resources Department of Hunan University

Tel: 0731-88822723

Contact: Miss Yang Xi

Email: job@hnu.edu.cn

Post code: 410082


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