I. Application Requirements

Applicant should have obtained doctorate degree, excel in character and learning, good health, and under 35 years of age. Excellent candidate may get some relaxation in age limit.

II. Co-Advisor

The applicant can find the profiles of faculty at Institute’s website (/szdw.htm). Associate professors and professors can be assigned as co-advisor (assistant professor can also recruit as joint co-advisor).

III. Compensation and Benefits

The University implements classified funding for full-time postdoctoral fellows:

1. Special Funding Category: selected applicants in the "Innovative Postdoctoral Personnel Support Plans," or “Post-doctoral International Exchange Program” shall get yearly fund of 300000RMB during national sponsorship period (national funding included).

2. Key Funding Category: during the national sponsorship period, university will provide yearly fund of 200000 RMB to the selected candidates. Those who meet one of the following conditions can apply:

Graduated with doctoral degree from top 100 overseas universities in ARWU academic rankings of universities, or internationally renowned scientific research institutions, domestic first-class universities or “A-” disciplines and above;

Foreign nationals who have obtained a doctorate from a well-known overseas university;

Published minimum 2 high standard research papers in their research fields as the first or correspondence author during their doctoral study, or made fairly good academic achievements.

3. General Funding Category: during the national sponsorship period, the university will provide yearly fund of 120000RMB.

IV. Career Development and Other Support

1. Fellowship will be counted as working experience.

2. Postdocs have the opportunity to be promoted to associate research fellows during their stayChances are listed separately from faculty

3. Applicant can apply for university’s  "Outstanding Postdoctoral Award" (which are held annually). Winner of this award can apply directly to the position of associate professor. Selected applicants in "Innovative Postdoctoral personnel support plans" , “Post-doctoral International Exchange Program” or equivalent Competitive post-doctoral talent projects with outstanding academic achievements are directly selected into the "Outstanding Post-Doctoral Award", and their application will not be restricted by university’s quota for employing its own graduates.

4. University will provide 1800 RMB/ month for rent subsidies (if selected applicant’s apartment is not arranged by the university). Selected applicants shall enjoy same facilities like other faculty, such as scientific research rewards, kindergarten and school for children.

V. Graduating Conditions

According to the guidance of the university’s postdoctoral management office, each college determines the requirements for the completion of postdoctoral research.

VI. Recruitment Process and Material Requirements

1. Applicants can apply to the Institute or Doctoral Management Office at any time in academic calendar year. Institute will follow open and merit based recruitment.

2. For the recruitment process and material requirements, please refer to the website: http://postdoctor.hnu.cn/

VII. Contact Information

Research Institute of Educational Science, Hunan University

Phone: 0731-88822454

Contact: Tan Jingxiong

Email: jxtan@hnu.edu.cn

Postcode: 410082

Human Resources Department of Hunan University

Phone: 0731-88822723

Contact: Teacher Xu

Email: boshihou@hnu.edu.cn

Postcode: 410082


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